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An OPEN LETTER to KAGODU THIMMAPPA, Speaker, Karnataka Legislative Assembly

# I regard you as one of the last remnants of “socialist “leaders in karnataka. Hence i write this letter to you.

I am enclosing this article published by udayavani, the kannada daily, yesterday which says that Mr.Pramod Madhwaraj, young first time Mla of udupi said that, “its a common practice for mla’s to take cuts in all devlopmental works”.

pramod madhwaraj mla udupi photo

* pramod madhwaraj, mla, udupi.

i am sure you also will be aware of this news published. so my question is if this is true, do you mean to say we are ruled by thugs ? If it is not true,should pramod madhwaraj be not impeached ?. i see a direct relation between his statement and current day happenings. no wonder your mla’s are interested in impeaching a honest judge like shri.adi who is handling such nexuses. Its a open secret that ex socialist siddaramiah is interested in closing arkavathi case and many other cases and hence wants justice. adi impeached.

I am surprised how you also are becoming party to this hypocrisy. if adi can be impeached, please also impeach mr.pramod madhwaraj or ask him to substantiate the charges. or hold an enquiry into his comments.

Otherwise you and siddaramiah will be hammering the last nail into socialist” coffin in karnayaka.
I am enclosing the following link also for your reference.

I was a great fan of yours when you were our health minister.hope you will not dissappoint us by keeping quiet.


– Dr.P.V.Bhandary, Udupi.

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